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Our Vision

We want our commute to be convenient & good for the planet.


Commuting by bike is great for the planet but can be inconvenient because of the effort required to pedal long distances and over hills.


We’re solving the “effort” problem, a key pain-point in the daily bike-commuting user-experience.

Imagine transforming your bike instantly into an e-bike using a portable & swappable e-motor device (CLIP) to provide that extra boost when you’re going uphill or coasting to ride further.


Attach CLIP on bike to commute. Upon arriving, Detach to carry along & Recharge conveniently at any power outlet.


CLIP is bikeshare compatible so all bikeshare members can have 24/7 access to e-bike upgrades.


Increasing the number of bikers in cities greatly improves the perception of safety to establish a safer bike culture while reducing urban-transport emissions.