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Making of the CLIP UX video 🎥

When you design a product, tuning in to every aspect of its experience is important. In this particular case , how we presented the everyday experience of CLIP for a regular commuter was key. We wanted to be highly intentional about projecting the right emotion and we sought inspiration in film and “classic cool”.

The starting point was of course Godard and the French New Wave.

I create a quick storyboard and discuss it with Clem and Audrey.

Audrey is our producer on this video and we instantly agree on the aesthetic direction. Audrey is super confident and reassures us that we can do the entire shoot on a minimal budget and on a single day!

So we decide on a date – a freezing December morning. Audrey arrives early with her amazing crew – all friends who want to pitch in and help us show what CLIP is! Yasmine, Sarah and Emily. We have a quick huddle and off we go. Shuffling into action as we slowly start to build all the scenes.

We move quickly between locations, My home, Prospect park, Subway, Brooklyn-bridge and finally New Lab. By 4:00 pm most of the footage is done!

As we end the shoot with the final interview, i begin to realize what an impossible goal we just achieved.

Impossible without the amazing generosity from this special group of superwomen who made this happen in a single day.

Here’s the final video – I hope you enjoy watching this as much as we enjoyed making it!

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