Mission Introduction 


Biking to work every morning is one of the best things you can do for yourself and the environment. 

What holds so many of us back is that no one wants to show up at their 10am meeting worked up in a sweat. Brief moments of extreme effort discourage committed bikers and foil the best intentions.

CLIP is designed to solve the "brief moments of extreme effort" problem so you can choose biking as your commute of choice every-time!

Alpha Prototype
Installation Demo

This is how easy it should be to transform your bike into an e-bike

User Experience promo

Attach CLIP to bike to ride effortlessly. Detach, after parking to fully recharge CLIP on your desk in 15 mins.

Alpha Prototype
First Test Run


“I was very pleasantly surprised when i biked uphill with minimum effort. It gave me time and freed my mind to look at things around me. ( even though I know i’m not supposed to do that while biking. )

As someone who likes to bike slowly and observe things around change - i felt that the physical effort CLIP helped me conserve, I was able to use in my 'wondering-wandering

Viniyata Pany
Sound Artist
& the very first CLIP test rider